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Gigantic Statues Of Dead Gods Crumbling Into The Sea While I Am Daydreaming Of Your Palm Against Mine

i am made of feathers and damp bark and ladybugs

and my heart is a smooth white stone you picked up from the riverbank

Never forget that you’re just a dirty fucking animal

are you aware?? that we are wisps of cotton candy clouds stretching on the horizon

that in a past life you were a greaser and i was your favorite leather jacket?? you smoked 100 cigarettes in me and kissed so many girls in the backseat of your car with me stuck to the back of your sweaty neck

did you know???? i wish i were a birch tree and you were a bird who happened to choose me to make your nest in

have i told you??? the reason i’m sticking around???

A strange homeless man leaves animal bones on your doorstep as a warning. That night when you sneak out you notice mushrooms growing under your bedroom window. You return the next morning with muddy clothes and sharp eyes. Everyone says you’ve changed but you’re not sure because you can’t remember anything before.

I will leave black eyeliner smudges on your pillow, and stars in your eyes

And although they sway us, neither is permanent,

You forget

coming home to crushed daydreams and melted cotton candy ice cream,

the weather man predicting thunderstorms

well me too

my secret identity is how i believe that everyone should stay away

how i am not suprised you didn’t choose me, it was expected

i gave you my heart and you put in your pocket, forgot it was there and smashed it

i didn’t blame you, i was fragile in the first place

who would i be to talk

 i told a beautiful boy that i couldnt love him because he was boring

maybe i too, have mercilessly broken hearts but that was never my intention with you

i couldn’t love any of them because they never raised their hands above their heads,

reaching up to the stars

and closed their eyes, swaying

they wouldn’t do that kind of thing with me

they werent the ones who felt the important things, like soft breezes and

they coudn’t appreciate how ancient and still incredibly new everything was

it always blows my mind

you blow my mind, the fact that you even exist though dont ask me to explain, i never could

lets dance on beaches and be aware of every grain of sand,

every sound

i want to miss you

i’ve never missed anyone in my life

ive got something tragic in my blood

i look for touble, i make things up

blame all the old romance novels i read as a kid

let’s move north where there are old bones and rainy days

i need old things to tie me down

lets visit the grand canyon and count how many shades of red there are, scream our fears into the abyss and hear them echoed back until they sound silly and we laugh at all the monsters and death itself

i cant sleep at night because the ghosts of stars outside my window won’t stop singing old church hymns from when i used to believe

i want to count them before their light runs out

i dont know how i know this but i am sure in a past life i at least touched you

we at least brushed fingers

i was a butterfly and you were a leaf I alighted on for a brief second

But in this life, I want to be your rock

We both know i cry too much to be anything solid

I am old 

You need new things to keep you moving and despite this I am still trying to be everything you need

Forgot that I wasn’t fucking Vlad the Impaler

forgot that I had fallen for the fucking cadaver

do I look like I even want to fucking matter?

I think every fucking thing about your religion is funny

I’ll slit your throat and steal your words, fucking sweet as honey

I fucking doubt that half of you would die for your beliefs

I hope you live so long that death is a fucking relief

get your entertainment like fucking Circus Maximus

they can come and watch me tell myself that I don’t fucking need him

I met a man on fire with a spear stuck in his spine

he told me ‘darling you are late, but there’s no such thing as time’

we took the ancient world by storm and became the co-ceasars of Rome

your eyes are like the sky and here I am, a fucking thunderstorm

I know for a fact that it was never this hard for anyone before us because with every reaction the chaos of the universe increases, and this is called entropy. I read once “All things tend toward entropy” chaos, moving apart. We can use this as an excuse when things seem too complex. we can claim to be all-powerful because with every touch, glance, every bravery and every mistake we are pulling the stars apart, ripping the universe open by its seams.

one day I will throw rocks at your window until you open your eyes

and I will quote all the poetry I can remember off the top of my head

tell you how your name has always been on the tip of my toungue

"You are my number thirteen, the arcade warlock that I met during my fourteenth summer on the beach!" I’ll yell from your porch,

so here I am, the royal magician set on stealing your heart

I liked the beat of it, something I could dance to, and I wanted it for myself

you are a library but your librarian is strict and all the books I took out are long overdue; I oughtnt go back beacuse these are fines I cannot afford to pay, but I will

and when you are angry I will take your hand and remind you of the time we saw that ghost ballroom come back to life, made of all gold and seafoam, and everytime I look into your eyes i hear the sound of waves rolling in and out

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